Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to 1 Procurement Place!

Welcome to 1 Procurement Place. Beginning on Monday June 2nd 2008 this will be your stop for a refreshingly different take on the worlds of procurement and consulting. Join us for controversial opinions, insights and actionable takeaways in subject areas where the founders of this firm have spent way too much of their lives! We will deliver our points of view on subjects such as:

What is this spend analysis thing anyway? Will it increase my bonus?

What the Sam Hill is leveraged procurement and what does it have to do with private equity?

Okay, I've strategically sourced - where did my freaking savings go?

You want me to use a GPO? Do I look like I need a doctor or something?

It's going to be fun. And we may even help you identify, capture and sustain some greenbacks while we're at it. Or was that find, get and keep? I can never remember....

Mark Usher
Co-Founder and Partner
Treya Partners